Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, it's been a bit since I blogged, but I'm back again. There just seems to be so much going no, but then when I think about what we've been up to, it's pretty much the usual routine. I worked three shifts this week (one evening and both days this weekend), so that make the weekend sort of a write-off.

I haven't been very creative either. I keep planning to go scrap and then I get tired or sit down and find something on TV (that I often don't really even want to watch) and don't make the time to do it. I decided to do something tonight and that ended up being 2 cards for Kyle's pre-school teachers. We're going to be away for 3 classes in the last 2 weeks he'd be at school, but we'll be back for the very last one, so I wanted to have the cards ready to go so I'm not doing them the night before after being away for 10 days! I like one decidedly more than the other, but that happens!

Yes, so the plan is San Francisco! Here we come! There are going to be 9 of us with the kids and we're going down to see Scott and Toni (my aunt and uncle that live down there). We're renting a van and then taking one other car. Mum's a little stressed about getting everything in, but as long as people are sensible and don't take too much stuff, it'll be tight, but I think we'll manage. Looking forward to it!

We had a great day on Friday while poor George was at work! I don't have Sophia on Fridays, so a friend, Laurel, and her son, Alexander, invited us to go to the park. Laurel has one extra car seat, so I just kept Kyle's and put it in her van and off we went. I'll have to post some pictures later, but we had a blast. Spent time playing on all the park stuff and then in the water park since it was a nice day. Then we had a little snack and it was off to the petting zoo for a bit. The kids were wiped and Alexander fell asleep on the way home and Kyle and Nathan were both asleep very shortly after we got home! To be honest, I laid on the sofa for an hour and napped too!

We rented movies again this weekend for a change. We had been renting quite often, but then found we'd sort of seen anything that we really wanted to and had left it for a while. We saw Happy Feet, which was great, but didn't really capture Kyle's attention the way we expected. Then, George and I saw the latest Bond movie and though I thought it started a little slow as far as the storyline went (though not the action!), I thought it was pretty good! Nice to find something we would both watch too!

Think that's about it for now... Have a great week everyone!


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Weather has been odd down here so make sure you pack so you can dress in layers. Fog hasn't been burning off as early if at all. But you'll love it....honest!

Lynn said...

San Francisco! wow.. I hope you all have an AWESOME time which I'm sure you will! It is hard to pack light when you have kids. I remember those days. Good luck with that one. Glad that you guys had a wonderful time at the park the other day. Those are the times I miss as mine got older and didn't want to even step foot near a park. Love the cards! the teachers will just love them also. Have a great day

melissa said...

cute cards-the teachers will love them :)

San Fran!!-I am so jealous :) hope you all have an awesome time. lots of luck to you with the packing.

Maureen said...

Have a safe and fun trip to San Francisco. Cute cards

Jaime said...

I would love to go to san francisco!! i'm sooooo jealous! i too just recently saw the new bond movie........i agree it was a slow start, but turned out good!
hope to see you around,
auntiescraps from scrapperie

Christina said...

Have fun on your trip! I think your cards look great! I so slacked and didn't get any made for my kids teachers this year!

EquineSpirit said...

Adorable cards!!

Laurel said...

I like the cards, especially the striped paper. I am so into striped paper lately. Alexander and I are looking forward to our next park adventure with you, Kyle and the Tim Bit King (aka Nathan)

: )