Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wet! Wet! Wet!

Wow! Of course, today would be one of those days where I had to take Kyle up to preschool and it was absolutely pouring! Since we now have one vehicle that George takes to work, that means I walk with the little ones in the stroller and Kyle walks with me. We got everyone all bundled up and the second we stepped outside, the sky just opened up! We were soaked by the time we got to the end of the block! I had asked Kyle to wear his boots, but he didn't want to and I figured he'd learn something from this, so his feet were wet of course! I'd thankfully remembered an extra pair of pants because even with the longer raincoat, his pants were still wet.

I dropped him off and we headed back here for naps. The rain had pretty much stopped by then and the walk back wasn't bad other than the fact I was pretty much soaked through! The rain had stopped by the time I got home and it looked like there might even be a little clearing going on!

The kids had good naps and we bundled up again and set off. Once again though, as soon as we got a half block from the house, the rain was torrential! I wore George's jacket going back up because mine was soaking! Now, they're both in the garage drying! It was quite funny actually and Nathan and Sophia are fine with their jackets, blanket and the rain cover. Kyle loved wearing his boots on the way home (I took them up for him when I picked him up!) because he could jump in all the puddles! He's quite a ham as usual!

Had lunches and played with the kids. Nathan is just waking up from his nap and Kyle just laid down, so there's not much of a break for me! I work tonight as well for 4 hours and will leave as soon as George gets home! Better go get my "big" boy!



Dana said...

cute pics!! dana

toners said...

I love the Spiderman raincoat :) So cute!

Joƫlle said...

Great pictures, Colleen! I especially love the one of Kyle standing like a Dapper Dan and the one of Sophia & Nathan in the stroller - their eyes are all so expressive!

Tracy said...

Those pictures are so cute! It's fun for me to see what Sophia is up to with the Heidrich clan while I am at work.

Lori said...

Colleen, The three of them look adorable!! I can't believe how bigh they are all getting. Owen and Gavin are in Love with Kyle's spiderman coat. Fantastic pictures!!!