Friday, May 11, 2007

A little more about me...

This was the 2Peas blogging challenge today, so I thought I'd try it!

TWO Things About Me: I love to travel and my favourite number is 12.
Two Names I Go by: Colleen and Col (one I cannot reveal without making my life even more difficult! hee hee)
Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: Sweatshirt and "comfy pants"
Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: trust (and honesty is part of this for me) and caring
Two of My Favorite Things to do: scrapbook and sleep in
Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: more sleep and a vacation
Two pets I have: I had a dog named Farmer and a cat named Pumpkin
Two things I did last night: Worked and checked my e-mail when I got home.
Two things I ate today: coffee and ...
Two people I just talked to last: My two boys, Kyle and Nathan
Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: Cleaning and scrapbooking
Two longest car rides: a 6 week trip across Canada and back and a camping trip down the Oregon coast.
Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving
Two favorite beverages: Diet Coke and coffee
Two favorite scrapbooking tools: paper cutter and Cropadlie (right now anyway!
Two favorite scrappin companys:MME and Scenic Route, but there are soooo many I love!

Well, just getting our day going here. The boys are having breakfast and I'm having my coffee. I managed to get a shower in befoe Nathan got up though he was awake when I did. He's like clockwork! Every morning right at 6am! I wish he'd learn to sleep in! I was so happy when the time changed because he got up at 7, but that last about 3 days!

I think I'll be seeing Tarcy later and we need to go for a walk up to pay for Kyle's preschool today, but not much else on the go. It's nice, so we may stop at the park too. I work again tonight, but only until 9:30 again and then I have the weekend off!

Better run here for now! Have a great weekend everyone!


Debbi said...

I feel your pain with the sleeping in thing. My two dogs wake me up every morning at 5:30 am. They dont give up until I get up. Then just as I have had coffe (about 30 min) the brats go and fall asleep again. By that time it is to late for me to go back to sleep too as I have to get ready. Brats!

toners said...

I hope your day is going more smoothly today :) Enjoy your weekend!

Raquel said...

Have a great weekend. I know about getting up early. Our JRT wakes up at 6am wanting to go out and then my son wakes up right after that.