Saturday, May 12, 2007


It's so nice to have some quiet around here! It's not even Mother's Day yet and I'm getting a little time to myself. OK, I could be cleaning, but I'm not! I did manage to get the bathroom done yesterday, so I figure I can relax a bit now. I do have a lot more to do, but all in good time!

George had a chiropractor's appt this morning and Kyle wanted to go with him. Nathan is now napping as well, so I have quiet! Sitting here with my coffee and poking around on the computer. I'm hoping to get some scrapping done later too. I need to if I'm going to get that DT call in on time!

Had a wonderful day yesterday and got out to the park in the sunshine. Laurel and Alexander were nice enough to come and pick us up and she has an extra car seat, so Kyle was the only one I needed to get organized with a seat. Tracy has a booster and needed to come over and drop off a cheque for me anyway, so she brought the booster and we all went to the park! Kyle was quite excited because he got to go to the park with Tracy and then come back with Laurel. He LOVES Laurel! Wants to call and invite them over or go to their house all the time! It was great to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

I worked again last night, so it was my 3rd night in a row. On those days, I really don't see George because I get up when he leaves in the morning and then we swap when he gets home and I jump in the car and go to work. By the time I get home, he's in bed because he has to get up so early. I worked 3 nights this week, so it feels like I haven't seen him for days! It's all good though because I get all weekend off, so we can spend some time together. It's also nive that I can go to work and we don't have to worry about someone taking care of the kids!

Well, think we might go out for breakfast earlyish tomorrow. We want to avoid the crowds! We normally have brunch with mum and dad and Tracy, Brian and Sophia, but Tracy and Brian have a big dinner party they're hosting tonight and they would rather just take it easy tomorrow. Totally fine with us! I can sure understand that! Might go for a walk or something after brunch and then I'd just like to relax and do some scrapping later in the day!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone!


Maureen said...

Happy Mom's Day to you too! Sounds like a good day today; I too, should be out in the garden, but I just feel lazy after a busy day yesterday, and what will be a busy day tomorrow (visiting MY mom and MIL). Hope yours is great!

Erin Bassett said...

What a great weekend you have planned! I love when I get stuff done early in the week so I can "play" on the weekend. Hope your Mother's Day is great!

PS - Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love visitors!!

kelly said...

happy mothers day to you colleen.... what dt are you submitting for???

toners said...

Have a great day tomorrow :) I am also hoping to get to play a little on Mother's Day!