Thursday, May 10, 2007

Didn't I say that already??

I'm just having one of those mornings where I feel like I might as well be talking to a wall. Some days when Kyle and Nathan are "playing" Kyle gets a bit rough simply because of his size. I try to explain that Nathan is really still just a baby and that he needs to be careful and generally that's the end of it.

This morning however, Kyle wants to hold Nathan's hand and lead him around as he walks. The only problem is that Nathan doesn't always want to walk and Kyle just ends up pulling him around by the arm whether standing, sitting, or laying down! We've had numerous talks about this and how Kyle wouldn't like it if someone did it to him, but I feel like I might as well be talking to a brick wall here! Just one of those days when you have to take a deep breath and move on. We've established that the next time it happens, he'll be sitting in the naughty chair, so we'll see if that works since he really doesn't like that!

And when it rains, it pours! Nathan is really grumpy and I think it's all those teeth he's got coming in. Now that he's learned to say "Up", he finds it quite convenient and I hear it all the time! Poor munchkin, I'll be glad when all those teeth finally come in for him. Sophia on the other hand has been sweet as pie and a very good girl! They're both down for a nap now though!

Since it's a nice day, I think we'll try and get out for a walk after their nap. Maybe Kyle can wear off some energy! We had a great time at the park yesterday afternoon when we went! Kyle played some on his own and some with the little ones. I swapped Nathan and Sophia in and out of the baby swing since they both love that. Sophia is hilarious! As soon as you put her in, she starts laughing! Nathan was so much fun to watch because there was bark mulch everywhere in this park and he's never wanted to crawl around in it before, but I put him down yesterday and after a minute or two, he was off and playing all over the place! Nathan and Sophia both had turns on the slide and teeter totter as well! A fun afternoon and then home for naps!

I worked last night. It wasn't too busy, but I was busy rewriting the messy request book and trying to get it back in order. I managed to get it all finished of though, so Tara (asst. manager) was happy with that! Going to take in something to work to show her that I finished off too. I won't say what it is since it's something for Tracy and she might be reading! (You'll have it soon Trace!) I work again tonight too and hope I'm not late like last night (bad traffic for George getting home), but at least no one there ever seems to worry about it and they know our situation with only one car.

Well, think I'm going to go have a cup of coffee and then maybe read some books or something with Kyle before the little ones wake up again!
Have a great day..


Pat said...

Colleen sorry you're having a bad morning. Maybe it will get better this afternoon.{{{HUGS}}}

Tracy said...

Oooo, now I want to know what you finished for me! Glad to hear that Sophia is being good today. Hope your day gets better with a trip to the park. It's so nice and sunny outside - I wish I could join you!

Lynn said...

I hope Nathans teeth come in soon. I remember those days! Its hard for them also.
Sounds like you guys had a great time at the park yesterday. I'm sure the kid's were exhausted afterwards. Hope everything gets better for the rest of the day.