Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Well, here it is again - a day to celebrate our addiction! Yes, for those of you that didn't know, there is a National Scrapbooking Day that is celebrated with lots of sales and women scrapbooking all over the place! I would like to be scrapbooking today, but if I'm going to do any, it'll have to wait until tonight because I'm working today and tomorrow!

I think practically everyone at Precious Memories is working today! Not only is it NSD, but it's their 9th anniversary, so it's a big deal. There are sales (30% off everything and some special things even more discounted!), games, draws, make and takes, etc! It's going to be a busy one! It should be fun too with all that going on and people in what we hope is a good mood!

Even better to make people smile is the sunshine that seems to have shown up today! Finally! Of course, there are also worries with the nicer weather that if it warms up too quickly there's going to be massive flooding! Many cities along rivers are shoring up their banks for fear of what might happen. Let's just hope everyone is prepared enough and that is doesn't even happen.

I haven't had much scrapping mojo lately! I think it's because I got out of the habit of doing a little something everyday and my supplies are a bit unorganized too and that really doesn't help me. I did do some last night though that were part of a couple of challenges on 2 Peas in a Bucket, so here they are!

I've actually scrapped the pictures in the second layout already, but for another album and I wanted to put them in Nathan's book too because this is when Kyle told him he was his best friend for the first time! So cute! I'm not sure I'm loving the first layout, but it's not bad and it's finished, so I'm moving on! Not every layout is going to be a work of "art"! Hope to do another one or two tonight as well!

The 2Peas blogger question was also about what scrapping tools I'd like. I'm not sure there's really much I do want other than some very expensive items!! I think I might like a Wishblade and I'd love a 12X12 printer and scanner!! None of those things will be coming into this house any time soon. Hey, while we're at it, I'll add a new computer to that list as well! Other than that, I might like the MM slot punching kit, but I'm not sure how much use I'd get out of it. I'd like to see someone demo it! Pretty much have everything else I need for right now!

Have a fabulous day! I'm just finishing off my coffee and then need to go get ready for work while I can. Nathan is down for a nap and Kyle is out "helping" George work on the car! Kyle has 2 weeks of music class left (including this week), so he'll be off doing that a bit later too and I can even take him before work, so that timed perfectly!

Better be off!


toners said...

Happy NSD!! I hope you have fun :)

Monica M said...

Happy NSD, Colleen - love your lo's. Hope you have a good time at work.

Ape Maya said...

Hope you had a great NSD! The layouts you have posted are lovely!

Theresa said...

Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today (7th)!