Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A wonderful day!

Well, I'm rushing around here trying to get myself ready before the kids are all everywhere! I need to go get my cup of coffee though too! Be right back...

OK, now I'm ready! I had quite a nice day yesterday. Both the little ones napped well and though Kyle didn't nap, I knew it would mean we could put him to bed early, so I didn't really push it. Nathan and Sophia were both cranky after their afternoon naps, but I think it was teething in both cases.

George got home and fed the kids and them we actually did cake. George and I hadn't eaten, but we wanted to have a later dinner together. George got this delicious cake called Chocolate Euphoria and it was really good! Kyle was very helpful with singing to me and blowing out the candle. After cake, we got the kids ready and put them to bed about 7pm and George went to go get our dinner!

As it turned out we ordered enough food for 2 meals. We ordered Japanese food and thought the rolls would be smaller, but they were all quite big. We had veggie tempura, miso soup, inari, tamago, chicken teriyaki roll, kappa maki, BC roll, a vegetarian roll and 2 yam tempura roll. All of it absolutely delicious!

Tracy popped over for a bit after the kids went to bed too. She brought me a card from mum as well as one from her and a wonderful gift of some Mary Kay stuff she knew I wanted and some gift certificates for Tim Horton's! Yeah Trace! You know me very well!

After that, we just watched a bit of TV together and went to bed at a reasonable time, but it was really nice just to have some time with George when we could simply spend it together.

Well, everyone is up and about now, so I guess I'd better finish this off here, but before I go...

THE WINNER - I just got Kyle to pick one of the numbers 1-18 from a bowl and he picked #5 which is Sarah!! I'll need your address!!

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Colleen, I am very glad to hear you had such a fantastic Birthday. You dereved it!! You worked all weekend and YOU need some "you" time. That cake sounds Delicious. Yep I would say your Sister really knows how to spoil a girl. You can NEVER go wrong with Tim Hortons!!!!, LOL

Glad you had a wonderful Day!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks, Colleen! And thanks to Kyle for pulling out my #! :) You are so sweet to do this. Looks like a fabulous birthday. Glad you & dh had some quality time together for your special day!


Noelia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. All the sushi looks so yummy!

Shirleen said...

Glad you had a great day Colleen!

Kimberly said...

Happy HAPPY Happy Birthday Colleen! The food and cake look wonderful. I know you enjoyed yourself. I am happy you have a wonderful day! Now, go scrap those photos!

toners said...

Hi Colleen,

I forgot to add an answer about the Beef & Onion crisps; you may be able to pick them up if you have a British store nearby (there are also some online, LOL). My hubby is going to the UK in a few weeks and is already under orders to bring us a nice stash :)