Monday, May 21, 2007

A weekend away

OK, this was the blog question at Scrapperie:
If you could have a weekend to spend however you wanted (money is no concern) what would you want to do? Where? With Whom? and Why?

I know this may not be terribly exotic, but I'd love to drop the kids at mum and dad's and spend a quiet weekend with George in one of the cabins at Rowena's. Just have a relaxing weekend away and enjoy each other and the quiet as well as sleeping in! We haven't had a weekend with just the two of us since we went to Victoria for Tracy's Masters grad and even that was a trip with mum, dad, Tracy and Brian though we obviously had our own rooms! And a weekend completely to ourselves hasn't happened in so long I can't remember when!!
Well, better go finish off the stir-fry I'm doing for dinner!


MommaKim said...

Aaaah. That sounds great to me too. I actually won a night at Fen Lodge just down the road from Rowena's when my oldest was in preschool. We had dinner at Rowenas and it was fabulous. Chris and I just snuck away for a night on Friday to celebrate our 16th anniversary, but one night just really doesn't cut it. I want to lie on the beach for a week on our 20th--you gotta have goals! Get your mom over and go out with George. Remember, prolonged exposure to toddlers will make you crazy!

Kristin said...

that sounds MARVELOUS!! I need to do the same!

toners said...

I'd do the same thing :) Nothing too glamorous, just the time together would be enough!

Tracy said...

If I win the 6/49 tomorrow I'll make it happen for ya!