Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Conversation I never thought I'd have...

OK, I had quite a funny conversation today with Kyle and I, thankfully, did OK with it. I was getting all the kids ready to take Kyle to school and we were getting him dressed. He had his shirt on and was naked on the bottom half and I told him to go to the bathroom before we got him dressed because we were leaving soon. He trundled off and when he came back he was holding his "boy parts" shall we say. This is the conversation that ensued:

Kyle: Mummy, what is this?
Colleen: You know that's your penis.
Kyle: No Mummy - this! (As he grabs the part behind his penis)
Colleen: (panicking as I'm trying to come up with the proper term)Well, honey, that your scrotum.
Kyle: OK. (pause) What does it do?
Colleen: (trying to find an answer for a 3 year old) It's just another part of your body and helps to make your penis work.
Kyle: OK (end of conversation and change of topic)

This was one of those conversation that I could have never imagined having. It's not that I was embarrassed, but it's just not always expected and then you're trying to come up with age appropriate explanations. Funny how he just wanted to know and once I answered his questions, he just moved on to the next topic. I'm sure there'll be more of these in my future!

Other than that, we've all had colds around here! Kyle got sick first - from school no doubt. He was sick for almost a week and no one had it, so I thought we'd escaped, but then Sophia and Tracy got it and Nathan and I were shortly behind. It hasn't hit the two of us as hard as Tracy and Sophia though. Poor Tracy was writing 2 big exams for work today too. I'm sure she did well as usual though! I think we're all on the mend.

Kyle had school this morning. It was a nice day and a nice walk up to school. I told him that Nana and Grandpa were coming today to pick him up to go and stay at their house and he was so excited that he wanted to skip school and just have them come and get him! He had fun at school as usual though and then we came home for lunch and mum and dad came and got him. Had a break this afternoon with the little ones napping and then George came home for dinner. Before dinner though, George wanted to mow the lawn in the back, so Nathan and I hung out outside. He's like his brother and loves being out there! It's been a quiet evening with Nathan going to bed at 7 and then just relaxing for George and I.

What a difference from yesterday though! Yesterday was our first official jammies day since Sophia started coming here. She and Nathan were all snotty and not very happy and then I was sick too, so we had an at home day in our jammies! Probably didn't hurt any of us either. The only thing was that it was actually a gorgeous day and warm too!! Had to turn the fan on for the first time!

Well, think I'm going to get myself to bed here at a reasonable time since I'll still have Nathan and Sophia tomorrow and Nathan won't sleep in for me even if Kyle's not here to get up at 6am!



Yellow Fence said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!! I don't even want to think about having a conversation like this with my son! I do think you handled it perfectly!


toners said...

Oh yeah, I had that very conversation last year with Jamie...and then he proceeded to tell me a few days later that he wanted to plant some of the "seeds" that grow in there! LOL!

Mrs. Moody said...

That's a cute little conversation. You handled it very well. Also, I am happy to see that you are all feeling better after a bout of the sniffles. Not fun at all in the spring time.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, Colleen! Too funny. with three boys I can totally relate to that one!!

Connie said...

Hi Colleen,
Yep, I have a son, so can totally relate to that conversation :) LOL.
Gotta love the innocence.

Jill said...

Those spur of the moment conversations are the way to go I think! Glad you're feeling better!