Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Well, it's been a busy few days around here as, thanks in large part to mum, I've been doing spring cleaning. Mum came out and helped with the kids (as well as helped me with cleaning!) while I did some purging and cleaning. Feels great to get rid of things we're no longer using. One of the big things was going through all the kid's toys and getting rid of all the real baby stuff since it's not being played with anymore. All the piles of paper on my computer table are now gone too amongst many other things! Have been at it again today during nap time this morning, but want to relax a bit now since I'm working at the store tonight too!!

Not too much else going on around here though. Laurel and Alexander were over this morning for coffee and a visit. We're also going to Queen's Park with them tomorrow. There's a petting zoo and water park and the whole bit and since the weather's supposed to be nice, it should be fun!

I have a new addiction as well and it's all Tracy's fault. It's Facebook and it's a social networking thing. I was sort of "whatever" about it until I got on there and have found a bunch of people I haven't talked to in ages! I'm making plans to get together with 2 girls from high school that I haven't seen in ages! I'm also in touch with some friends I met in Forum for Young Canadians when I was in high school as well as people from when I loved in Japan! It's so much fun!

Guess I'd better run while I have a few minutes and go get something to eat!! The 5:30-9:30 shift is a kind of weird one for me because it seems early for dinner when I'm leaving at 4:45, but I don't get a break on such a short shift, so I need to make sure I've had something since I don't get home until about 10pm!



Kristin said...

love the photo lol!! sounds like you guys are going to be having a blast tomorrow! :) have fun!

Angeltown said...

Hi Colleen! I just found your blog recently and thought I'd tag you, but I see you've already been tagged! LOL So saying hi anyway!

toners said...

OK, now you're making the rest of us look bad with all your cleaning :)

Have fun with your friends!!